Product Markets and Demand

It’s important to understand the trends associated with rechargeable battery and capacitor markets to grasp the impact that the 3DNB products will have. In diagram 1 the total rechargeable lithium ion cell market is shown to grow from $5B in ‘00 to over $35B by ‘25.

Diagram 1

In addition, the markets for raw materials and sub-assemblies are also quite large as seen in diagram 2. 3DNB will participate on multiple levels by providing core CNT materials for anodes and cathodes ($3.9B today) as well as completed cell markets ($16.7B today).

Diagram 2
According to a Future Markets report, the market for CNT use in electrical energy storage will be between $53M and $125M in 2017, and it will continue to grow at a very rapid rate.

Diagram 3
In fact, it indicates that the revenue from CNTs in the energy market could grow to as much as $287M by 2020. The CNTs used in Li-ion battery electrodes is one of the main driving forces for ton-scale production of MWCNTs in Japan.

Diagram 4

As for emerging electric vehicle markets, a recent study by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PricewaterhouseCoopers) predicted that the EV markets could reach $7.8 trillion in revenue by 2030. As per the Avicenne Energy Market Study (Sept. ’16), diagram 4 predicts a $20B battery market for EV’s by 2025.