OEM/Customer Inquiries

3DNB’s business is based on a licensing model of our proprietary (patents unpublished) advanced materials to enable rapid commercialization of cost-effective solutions in subcomponent such as electrodes in batteries and capacitors and as fully integrated rechargeable products. Because of the broad range of market applications, 3DNB has opportunities to license our technology into broad global segments including high volume consumer and electric vehicle products (high energy and fast charge), industrial and medical products (high energy), catalyst systems for hydrogen fuel cells and emerging wearable devices (flexibility and custom chemistries).

The core of any successful technology business is its intellectual property. Our 3D CNT “NanoSponge” foam-like material is created by catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CCVD) processes using boron impurities in the precursor during the growth process. It is this breakthrough in CNT technology that will allow for a myriad of applications for CNTs in diverse industrial markets, including batteries and capacitors.

Want us to work together with your company for the R&D of our Nano products to be integrated into your battery applications? Please submit your info for your company to work with our 3D Nano Lab department.