Investment Opportunities

Our licensing business model gives our investors the opportunity to expand quickly into the global battery sector by purchasing licensing rights to industries or products, and/or regions; or by financing many potential battery subsidiaries, like our initial launch of the 3DNB CLT division, which will hold the USA licensing rights to commercialize our patented battery applications for use in Cell Phones, “C”; Laptops, “L” and Tablets, “T”, (CLT’s) for an equity stake in the company.

We hope our investors see this as a truly “unicorn” opportunity to create a “Zero to One” business model in one of the world’s greatest emerging and pervasive markets across all industries on a global scale.

Our parent company, 3D Nano batteries, LLC, will entertain battery industry leader’s interest in licensing our technology for their company’s products; or consider financing bids for a 3DNB subdivision for their specific and exclusive field of use.  i.e. the EV Division, Wearable Division, Power Tool Division, Medical Device Division, battery powered Gaming and Toy Division, Consumer Appliance Division etc…the possibilities seem endless…wherever batteries are currently used and however you create products for battery use!   We can work with your company and/or battery experts to produce product prototypes in our 3DNB lab center for your commercial applications.

With a strong letter of Intent (LOI) and an all cash closing within 60 days, our accredited and qualified investors can choose to secure a convertible note or straight up equity with a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) that will be available upon funding for any of our affiliate companies.


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