Executive Summary

3D Nano Batteries, LLC (3DNB) is an innovative battery research and development power company commercializing next-generation battery systems for broad scale use across various industries.  Founded in August 2016 as a State of Florida, Limited Liability Corporation with a mission to develop and commercialize our licensed and patented high purity Carbon Nanotube, (CNT) and three-dimensional (3D) NanoSponge™ materials, 3DNB and its affiliate subdivisions are on course to shatter the limitations that have hindered the longevity and power density requirements for a wide range of battery applications in portable devices spanning automotive, industrial, medical, military and consumer electronics markets like cell phones, laptops and tablets, including gaming and toy industry devices and the emerging “wearables” market, with our advanced battery technology.

3DNB has obtained Licensing Agreements and Master Service Agreements with its strategic equity partner, CSS Nanotech Inc., for the equipping of a R&D CNT/Battery Lab center and the manufacturing of licensed CNT materials for the only commercially scalable and patented 3D NanoSponge™ material for global battery and capacitor field of use.  With this strong equity partner and the strategic partnership agreements and contracts with Polaris Battery Labs, as our Chief Technical Advisors through their Lithium Ion Battery Processing Center, 3DNB has effectively brought together the best and the brightest in experienced professionals from the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering to pioneer this next great wave of battery innovation and true nanoscale commercialization of 3 dimensional carbon nanotube products across the globe.

With the integration of these innovative CNT materials for energy storage, we will initially focus on battery technology for cell phones, laptops, and tablet computers, through our CLT Division. 3DNB’s specialty multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT’s), that are distributed under license, have already been used to replace carbon black in existing CLT batteries, and together with 3DNB’s ground-breaking NanoSponge™ material, the CLT Division will revolutionize battery technology in the US and worldwide. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery market alone is calculated to grow from $5B in 2000 to over $35B by 2025, which is why Japan (for one example), is investing millions of dollars to produce CNT powder–by the ton. 3DNB CLT Division will be at the forefront in transforming the CLT battery market.

The international demand for more but also environmentally sustainable energy production has created a growing need for grid storage solutions to meet these consumer and industry demands. The heaviest investments in energy storage advances are primarily in two areas: batteries and capacitors. The leading technologies here are Lithium-ion batteries and Electric Double Layer Capacitors (also known as supercapacitors or ultracapacitors).  Both these technologies have been significantly improved with the incorporation of CNTs which enable batteries to store more energy, and allow capacitors to charge and discharge at a higher rate and survive much greater cycling. Higher energy density storage equates to longer range, and better charge/discharge rates will lead to longer battery life as well. CNTs can provide both these advantages, but until today, their introduction into battery technology has been limited in scope, typically only as a conductive aid when dispersed into the electrode slurry or solvent in batteries.

3DNB’s catalytic process for MWCNT manufacturing produces far superior carbon nanotubes at a fraction of the cost of its competition, and the 3D NanoSponge™ is a unique, self-generating architecture for CNT’s that has no competition in the market today. Based on its own initial findings and outside studies, 3DNB firmly believes that the 3D NanoSponge™ will lead to dramatic improvements in the performance of battery electrodes and cells, due to the highly porous composition of the NanoSponge™ material. This unique structure allows for higher mass loading of active material in the electrode, along with more efficient electron and ion transport that translates directly into increased power performance. This enhanced CNT structure will dramatically impact charge time, power performance, and cycle life in all major battery and capacitor product market segments.