Executive Summary

3D Nano Batteries, LLC (3DNB) is an innovative portable power company commercializing next-generation battery systems for broad scale use across various industries. 3DNB holds the exclusive license rights to use patented state-of- the-art multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and our unique three-dimensional “NanoSponge™” materials for broad scale battery and capacitor field of use applications. We will apply our novel patented materials to our next-generation line of batteries designed to address the longevity and power density requirements for a wide range of applications in portable devices spanning automotive, industrial, medical, military and consumer electronics markets like cell phones, laptops and tablets, including the gaming and toy industries and the emerging “wearables” market. Carbon Nanotubes are rapidly growing in a $7 billion addressable market.

Key Points:

  • Our battery products integrate high purity (99%) Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT’s) and a superior catalyst manufacturing system to offer higher power, conductivity, and density, with shorter cycle times at much lower costs for commercial use. Our next generation NanoSponge™ material offers flexibility to battery products creating a new world of opportunities in the “wearables” market with exponential properties of energy density that will redefine battery industry standards.
  • 3DNB will act as a parent company with sublicensing rights to launch our 3DNB CLT battery division. This subsidiary will commercialize our patented battery applications for use in Cell Phones, “C”; Laptops, “L” and Tablets, “T”, (CLT’s). Investors can finance other “divisions” like the EV Division, Wearables, Power Tools or other subsidiaries for battery field of use.
  • Investors will Joint Venture with our strategic equity partner to own 40% of a CNT manufacturing facility which will house two (2) fluidized bed catalytic chemical vapor deposition (FB-CCVD) reactors which manufacture our exclusive high quality and 3D materials. This facility will supply our innovative CNTs to our battery production along with the added revenue streams from sales of CNTs in all other field of uses across all industries.
  • Many potential customers are evaluating CNT use. We are targeting at least 30 in primarily the US and Asian markets, from lower end composites to higher end batteries and capacitors. We have partnered with Polaris Labs to help build cells and Kodak for scale-up.
  • Our business plans and slide presentation outline the specific use, timing and expenditure of funds. We expect total funds of $25 MM would be more than enough to get us on a high growth trajectory with strong cash generation. This could be staged in several rounds to fund 3DNB CLT Division, advanced IP, R&D labs, manufacturing plant and a cushion of overhead and working capital.
  • We project first year revenues of $2 MM to conservatively reach $40 MM or more by Year 5. Gross margins should exceed 65% as we are much lower cost than competitive materials. At our expected mix of pricing, we would have capacity for as much as $250 MM in revenues when both reactors run at 100%.

A Slide Deck and Financials with much more detail are available after execution of a Confidentiality Agreement. For Information email: samuel@suea.com or 718 747-4762