3D Nano Batteries (3DNB), LLC has obtained Licensing Agreements and Master Service Agreements with its strategic equity partner, CSS Nanotech Inc., for the equipping of a R&D CNT/Battery Lab center and the manufacturing of licensed CNT materials for the only commercially scalable and patented 3D NanoSponge™ material for global battery and capacitor field of use. With this strong equity partner and the strategic partnership agreements and contracts with Polaris Battery Labs, as our Chief Technical Advisors through their Lithium Ion Battery Processing Center, 3DNB has effectively brought together the best and the brightest in experienced professionals from the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering to pioneer this next great wave of battery innovation and true nanoscale commercialization of 3 dimensional carbon nanotube products across the globe.

This formidable team led by 3DNB Chief Science Officer (CSO), Dr. Daniel P. Hashim, who is the founder and CEO of CSSN and the inventor and patent holder of the 3D patented NanoSponge™ has led the way in the synthesis, modification and manufacturing of CNT nanomaterials that have proven scalable for commercial use. Daniel was initially funded and supported by Shell Oil Company’s GameChanger Program and remains connected to Shell’s leading scientists and industry experts. His company, CSSN Inc. remains on Shell’s vendor list and their ongoing contacts allows them to easily get their CNT products tested and validated by Shell’s R&D experts for water filtration and oil recovery applications which can potentially lead to Shell as a future customer.

Credentials and Support – Other Key Members

Samuel R. Hashim

3D Nano Batteries (3DNB), LLC
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Samuel R. Hashim has been an educator and successful business leader and entrepreneur for over 35 years. In 1981, he founded and operated his first of two private schools registered with the New York State Board of Regents and is getting ready to open a third. He will soon follow up with establishing 3 more private schools using a joint venture business/educational model that he created with his Chinese partners for use in the People’s Republic of China in the cities of Hangzhou, Jinan and Fuzhou.

Samuel has founded and operated a community development corporation that has designed and developed 100 unit condominium projects and his educational organizations have as many as 75 employees. Samuel knows the challenges of growing a company, satisfying customers and meeting payroll every other week, month after month and year after year. His most recent business venture was founded in August of 2014 and is now worth over $10M today with annual revenues approaching $1.5M.

His business and investment contacts around the world are extensive given the 15 years of his founding and operating an international faith-based chamber of commerce of business and professional leaders. His Secret of Wealth seminars have helped to train, mentor and coach 100’s of businesses and young entrepreneurs in the arts, sciences, technology, engineering, and more importantly the “business of life”. Samuel introduced his son, Dr. Daniel P. Hashim to the “small” world of Nanotechnology in 1998 when he was only 12 years old.

Daniel has since gone on to be recognized as one of the Forbes “30 under 30” for 2014 in the fields of science and health care for his patents and inventions in multi wall Carbon Nanotubes. He is the only Nano Scientist in the world to create a 3 dimensional (3D) Carbon “NanoSponge™” with a scalable manufacturing process for commercial use that will have dynamic game changing consequences across all industries. Daniel has recently partnered with his Dad to create 3D Nano Batteries, LLC and their affiliates, to utilize this patented technology for world-wide battery field of use under an exclusive licensing agreement business model.

Samuel is the Chairman and acting CEO of 3D Nano Batteries (3DNB) and his ongoing passion is to work with research scientists and entrepreneurs in materials science and Nano Engineering to transform our world with environmentally safe, emerging technologies to power our world.

Samuel is happily married to his wife Donna and lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. Together, they have raised 6 successful young adults who are all excelling in their respective fields.

Christopher M. Faraguna

3D Nano Batteries (3DNB), LLC
Co-Founder, Vice President, Director of R&D

Christopher M. Faraguna comes out of the hard working blue collar construction industry where he worked for over 20 years in the housing market. He worked in all aspects of home construction, doing framing, roofing, siding, windows, kitchen, and bathroom installations before transitioning into sales, marketing and managing his own work crews and subcontractors until he eventually owned his own construction company for many years.

Christopher began to network with several construction contractors and builders to sell and manage millions of dollars in home improvements and construction projects in the Long Island, New York area. During this time he began to study and learn the early solar energy business and developed a passion for the “science of energy”.

Chris is now partnered with Dr. Daniel P. Hashim and Samuel R. Hashim to Co-Found 3D Nano Batteries, LLC and its affiliates as Director of Research and Development and Vice President of Marketing. His strength is in networking with investors, original equipment manufacturers, (OEM’s), battery companies, and building customers and market share for our battery materials and products while working with battery experts to research and develop new Innovative applications for our licensed and patented battery technology.

Christopher is married to a brilliantly energetic Chinese woman named Angel who has a professional Chinese-American translation career. They currently live in the mountains of Pennsylvania, but not for long!

Daniel P. Hashim, Ph.D.

Daniel P. Hashim, Ph.D.

3D Nano Batteries (3DNB), LLC
Chief Science Officer (CSO)

Dr. Hashim is a nanotechnologist, materials scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He is the Chief Science Officer (CSO) of 3D Nano Batteries LLC, and the Inventor of the proprietary NanoSponge™ technology that will be used as our battery and capacitor material.

In May of 2009 he received his Bachelors of Science in Materials Science Engineering with a minor in Management Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY). In May of 2014 he received a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Nano Engineering from Rice University (Houston, TX) with focus on carbon-based nanomaterials synthesis, characterization, and applications. In 2010 he was a recipient of the highly sought after NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award and has published, given talks, and trained others in the concepts of three-dimensional nanostructures and “NanoSponge™”.

Dr. Hashim has gained elaborate research experience with projects of various advanced nanomaterials through industry, government, and international collaborations with academic research institutes and universities. He has co-authored over 20 publications from respected scientific journals and has over 920 citations to his work. He was awarded with Rice University’s 2012 Hershel M. Rich Invention Award. His efforts have been honorably recognized by the prestigious Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list in year 2014 under the category of Science & HealthCare.

Vinny Sakore

Vinny Sakore

3D Nano Batteries (3DNB), LLC
Information Technology Officer

Vinny Sakore joined 3DNB’s CLT executive team as Information Technology Officer (ITO) in February 2018. Prior to joining CLT, Mr. Sakore served as Verizon’s HIPAA Security Officer. His previous experience includes stints as Chief Technology Officer for two healthcare technology companies.

He serves on several non-profit boards, including the Central Pennsylvania HIMSS Chapter and Life Center Ministries International.

Vinny is a featured speaker nationally and internationally on the topics of Cyber Risk, Mobile Technology, and Healthcare Security. He is a regular presenter at organizations and events such as the NetDiligence Cyber Risk forums Information Security Forum (ISF), International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), Healthcare Information Management Systems and Society (HIMSS), and the Risk Information Management Society (RIMS). Vinny has been quoted in numerous publications, including CSO Online, Wall Street Journal and Information Security Magazine.

Vinny Sakore is the founder and CEO of Purelight Software, LLC, a boutique software development and IT consulting firm based in Harrisburg, PA.

Executive MBA Strayer University, Jack Welch Scholar
BS Pennsylvania State University

Doug Morris
CEO of Polaris Battery Labs

Doug has contracted with 3DNB CLT Division to develop the first generation of 3DNB MWCNT batteries for cell phones, laptops, and tablet computers. Doug has over 30 years experience in the telecommunications, components, battery, and energy storage industry. Prior to working at Polaris Labs, Doug was Vice President of Operations at Enevate, a developer of advanced silicon anodes for smart phone applications, where he was responsible for supply chain, quality and manufacturing for the company. Doug has also held various executive, management, and engineering positions over his 21-year career with Motorola, where he was Vice President and Director of Engineering, Quality, and Supply Chain Management for the Energy Systems Group.

Doug was also a founder of Motorola’s Product Testing Services business, and established EnerSol Consulting Services in 2003. Doug has been awarded 5 patents, with an additional 4 patents pending, and has worked with Motorola, Apple, Garmin, Black and Decker, and other major companies for over 30 years in development of battery applications.

Polaris Battery Labs with Doug in charge of all 3D Nano Battery projects will serve as Chief Technical Advisor and Prototyping expert for 3DNB CLT Division through the Lithium Ion Battery Processing Center highlighted below.

Peter C. Fusaro
Board Advisor

Peter C. Fusaro is a best selling author, keynote speaker and thought leader on emerging energy and environmental technology and financial markets. Peter is Chairman of Global Change Associates, an advisory firm in New York City, and is the best selling author of What Went Wrong at Enron as well as 15 other books on energy and the environmental financial markets. He has been on the forefront of energy and environmental change for over 40 years focusing on how to use energy more efficiently and in an environmentally benign manner. His current focus is on environmental financial market acceleration to the goal of the low carbon economy through sustainable finance in renewable energy, clean technology, and carbon finance. Peter was a partner in Energy & Environment Capital Partners, a cleantech venture capital fund in 2002-2003. His focus today is on accelerating renewable energy development and energy efficiency deployment for the transition to a clean energy economy.

Peter was previously senior vice president and head of energy consulting at ABB Finance Services, principal analyst for Petroleos de Venezuela (USA) Corp, senior policy analyst in the NYC Mayor’s Energy & Telecommunications office, and held several policy positions in the US Department of Energy in Washington D.C.

Peter’s latest book was published in May 2010 by Oxford University Press on Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law and Taxation: New Investment Techniques. Peter has been selected for Who’s Who in America for 2007-2018 and Who’s Who in the World for 2009-2018. He coined the term “Green Trading” and holds the annual Wall Street Green Summit in New York XVI each spring (www.wsgts.com) which focuses on sustainable finance, energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean technology and impact investing.

Peter graduated with an MA in international relations from Tufts University and a BA from Carnegie-Mellon University. Peter has been an adjunct professor at Columbia University where he taught a renewable energy project development and finance course each fall semester. He is on the advisory board of Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability and was on the External Advisory Board of the ERB Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan for 8 years.

Peter is advisor to several cleantech startups as well as a judge in the Northeast Cleantech Open. He is on a member of the advisory boards of 3D Nano Batteries (energy storage), Clean Energy Advisors (PV solar finance), Terra Global Solutions (Microfinance), Gridmarket (energy storage), Global Sourcing Council (Supply Chain Sustainability), SJF Expert Network (cleantech vc), and Atmos Air Solutions (indoor air quality appliance).