3D Nano Lab

3DNB will establish a lab either in Oklahoma or Texas to produce our “NanoSponge” materials at a scale appropriate for a proof-of-concept prototype of the “NanoSponge” cathode. We will build a laboratory scale fluidized bed catalytic chemical vapor deposition (FB-CCVD) reactor to produce the “NanoSponge” materials. Our strategic partner, CSSN will allocate their own Chief Technology Officer, a proven manufacturing expert in scalable CNT production (profile found in the 3DNB Manufacturing Business Plan which is a complementary funding plan available upon request) and two other scientists will be allocated to the project to work in the lab, alongside the “NanoSponge” inventor, Founder and CEO of CSS Nanotech, Dr. Daniel Paul Hashim who will be personally involved in the lab to guide the project and experiments as 3D Nano Batteries’ Chief Science Officer (CSO).