3D Nano CLT Division

3DNB CLT Division is uniquely positioned to begin the Carbon Nanotube (CNT) revolution in battery technology. Production of cell phone, laptop, and tablet batteries that need to be recharged only once a week, and in as little as 30 seconds, will have battery manufacturers clamoring for 3DNB CLT Division’s innovations in the personal computing and cell phone markets. 3DNB has a formidable team in place to begin operation of new production facilities with their strategic equity partner, CSS Nanotech Inc., for MWCNTs and the innovative 3D NanoSponge™ material, and has already begun detailed plans for development of the first line of CLT batteries with initial funding from investors.

This initial funding package will allow 3DNB CLT Division, an opportunity to participate in a joint funding venture with our strategic equity partner CSSNanotech to own shares in a CNT/Battery manufacturing facility, called Nano Sponge Industries (NSI).  This alone will allow the CLT division to tap into the existing and rapidly growing $7B market for carbon nanotubes with the best and highest quality multiwall CNT’s in the industry, for a stable and secure return on investment.

In addition, our NSI manufacturing facility we will be the only ones in the world that can produce our patented 3D Carbon NanoSponge™ material for battery and/or other field of use applications.  This innovative breakthrough 3D Carbon NanoSponge™ is the only reproducible, self-replicating, 3 dimensional CNT material in the world that no longer has to be bundled, meticulously fabricated, chemically bonded or knit together with organic adhesives and other expensive and long drawn out processes in the halls of academia or across science and research labs of companies around the world, but for the first time, our 3D NanoSponge™ will be scalable for sustained commercial use in a wide range of cross-industry applications for the global marketplace…and 3DNB, the parent company, holds the global licensing rights for all battery and capacitor field of use.