3d Nano Batteries (3DNB), LLC is an innovative battery research and development power company commercializing next-generation battery systems for broad scale use across various industries.

By creating new battery products with our novel patented and licensed Carbon Nanotube (CNT) materials and integrating these materials to existing battery products, we will deliver unprecedented improvements in energy storage, power density and re-charge capabilities that will redefine industry standards.

3DNB, is the parent company that holds the global licensing rights and the intellectual property (IP) to utilize our state of the art and industry leading multi-wall carbon nanotubes, (MWCNT’s), and the only commercially scalable three-dimensional (3D) Carbon “NanoSponge™” material in the world for true “game changing” battery and capacitor field of use applications.

Corporate HQ: West Palm Beach, FL 33411
NY Branch: 340 Madison Ave – 19th floor Manhattan

(212) 220-9300